The perfect florista

Holding a lilac bouquet in front of Freshly Cut Florist, Berkeley CA.

Floral Designer Janet Farina CCF (California Certified Florist), founded Freshly Cut over twenty-six years ago, in a little corner arcade that once served as the pumpkin patch for the nearby Monterey Market.  A northern California native, Janet’s interest in natural materials and the bounty of the region had its roots in her father’s produce business, while her esthetic was fostered by an education at the California College of Arts and Crafts. After a stint at the renowned Berkeley Horticultural Nursery, Janet decided to open Freshly Cut almost as a lark. “I thought it would be a fun thing to do,” she explains. “And it is.”

Over the years, what began as an adventure has become a quest for Janet. “I am seeking the freshest and best flowers available, the kind of flowers that my clients can’t get from any other venue.” Getting up at two in the morning to get to the flower market is part of that quest. “Even after all these years, going to the market is my favorite part of the job. Being able to see the variety, being able to choose the flowers—that’s the essence of the whole endeavor.”

And the biggest surprise? What started out as a little place to buy flowers has become a destination for connoisseurs and some of the area’s most select businesses. With her eye for freshness, her creative vision, and her devotion to strong service, Freshly Cut is the florist for discerning flower-lovers.

Janet became a California Certified Florist in 2007.

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Tuesday-Saturday, 10 to 6
Or by appointment for special events

Freshly Cut  ::  1301 California Street  ::  Berkeley  ::  California 94703

510 525-3751

Flower arrangement of hawthorn and snowball viburnum in the dinning room at Oliveto Restaurant in Oakland CA. Unloading flowers at Freshly Cut Florist.